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Remote Support

ONS Technologies provides immediate or scheduled Remote Support by connecting directly to your computer over the Internet.

Our friendly, U.S. based technicians will fix your computer problems and answer any questions you may have for as little as $29.95!



Usage Issues - Session of up to 15 minutes for those pesky problems that you just can't figure out but you think will be easy for a Trained Professional.*



Software Issues - Session of up to 30 minutes for those problems that may take longer to diagnose and repair.*


Hardware / OS Issues - For multiple issues like slow computer, frequent errors, Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware problems, or Training. Also good for hardware or software troubleshooting and resolution.* 49.95

* Additional Time

More Time - If it takes more time than you paid for the extra Session Minutes will be billed at this rate in 15-Minute increments to be paid by you at the end of the Remote Support Session.