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An enterprise level phone system.

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Hosted PBX


Voice over IP (VoIP) is fast becoming the standard for Business Telephone Systems. With a full feature-set and ease of installation using existing network connections, standard telephone lines will soon be a thing of the past for most businesses. Choices in VoIP Systems range from build-it-yourself to very, very expensive and depends on the features and hand-sets you want.

If you are looking for a new Telephone System, don't buy a PBX, let us host the service for you.

Hosted PBX is a simple, web-based communications platform that replaces old-fashioned phone systems. Hosted PBX is cost-effective, reliable and offers instant access to all the newest features.

Features Include

  • E-mail delivery of voice and fax messages
  • WebLINK Internet Control Panel for easy system management
  • Toll-free and local numbers
  • Follow-Me-Live call forwarding
  • Voice On Demand, menu driven audio brochure
  • Detailed call analysis and reporting
  • Auto Attendant
  • Multiple Mailboxes
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • E911 Dialing


    Why Hosted PBX is the Intelligent Choice

  • Saves money over a traditional PBX
  • Infinitely scalable
  • More features than a traditional phone system
  • Instant availability of newest features
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No rewiring needed and no need for dedicated PBX space
  • Keep your existing phones or cell phones
  • Instantly add seats and phones
  • Manage your business anywhere with your WebLINK Internet Control Panel

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