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Desktop / Laptop Troubleshooting and Repair

ONS provides Troubleshooting and Repair services on most Desktop and Laptop computers. If component replacement is necessary, we will be happy to bring your equipment to our office, order the required parts, replace and test the new parts, and return the computer to you as soon as possible.

Home Networks

ONS technicians are familiar with most Home Network configurations that are in use. We will be happy to come to your location and assist you with Installation, Configuration, and PC Setup for all of the computers attached to your Home Network.

Broadband Internet Access

Many home users today have subscribed to Broadband Access from either their Telephone Company or Cable Provider. Connecting to Broadband Devices can sometimes be tricky so our team would be happy to assist you with all of your connection needs.

Software Installation & Upgrades

ONS technicians are skilled in software installations and Upgrades. We will be happy to advise you before you purchase software as to the current configuration of your computer and the installation requirements for any new software. Should we determine that upgrades are required to install new software we will be happy to recommend, purchase, and install those for you.